About Jeanine

Jeanine O’Connell, M.A., LMFT
Marriage, Family and Child Counseling

Jeanine studied marriage, family, child counseling in California and has been a Washington State licensed marriage and family therapist since 2001. Her counseling experience ranges from working with children and families of poverty, middle class, and affluence, as well as people of color and various religions. Her experience includes working with children of all ages including teens, young adults, adult men and women, couples, and families. Jeanine is stimulated working with a variety of people.

As a Washington State certified K-9 educator with over thirty years experience teaching in public and private schools, Jeanine has acquired insight and skills working with many childhood and parenting challenges related to school and home. She believes people develop behaviors to cope with their circumstances and feelings. The behaviors do not always serve them well so counseling helps people establish new skills and behaviors in order to be happier and relate more positively with family members and friends.  

With thirty years engaging in therapy, dream study, sand-play, photography and various spiritual and religious rituals, Jeanine has lived with curiosity and hope even in dark times. She strongly believes in the resiliency of the human spirit and its desire to thrive.

When not working, Jeanine enjoys golf, photography, poetry, reading, travel, visiting museums, attending art fairs, live theater, films, exploring nature, and eating, talking, playing games and laughing with friends. 

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